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Blog Service Spotlight- Union County, NJ Service available in Union County! Did you know? offers it’s amazing service to all of Union County New Jersey! Many people who have come to know and love our service can now revel in the fact that services every town in Union County NJ! All you need to do is call our main Read More—The Name, the Myth, and the Legend

Ever wonder how we got our name? When our CEO brainstormed what it would cost to clean each room, she factored in many items as a small business owner that most people do not see at first glance. Our business name is, for the most part, self-explanatory, yet there is still confusion about our prices Read More


Professional Cleaners- Learn More about what we do!

One question we get often is “What is the difference between a maid, housekeeper, and professional cleaner?” Maid, Housekeeper or Professional Cleaner In the service industry, many terms get thrown around with no real thought to their actual meaning. But what exactly is the difference between a professional cleaner, a housekeeper, and ::gulp::, a maid? Read More


Support Small Business with

When you support small business, there is so much more going on behind the scenes than you realize. As a consumer, you have a voice when you choose to spend your money at specific retailers. Your money is your vote, so choose wisely! When you support small business, you are doing so much more for Read More


A Simple Guide to Scheduling an Appointment with

Wondering how to make an appointment with There’s nothing to it! Here is a simple guideline to help you get started! Remember, we LOVE to keep things SIMPLE!   Scheduling an appointment with is very simple! Here at, we believe that life is complicated enough, why should your cleaning service be complicated Read More

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