10BUCKSAROOM.com—The Name, the Myth, and the Legend -

10BUCKSAROOM.com—The Name, the Myth, and the Legend

Ever wonder how we got our name? When our CEO brainstormed what it would cost to clean each room, she factored in many items as a small business owner that most people do not see at first glance. Our business name is, for the most part, self-explanatory, yet there is still confusion about our prices and services! Let’s get this matter squared away, shall we? Please keep in mind, the prices of our services are clearly stated on the website. If further clarification is needed, you can always call our main line and get routed to your local 10BUCKSAROOM.com office!

Wherefore art thou called…10BUCKSAROOM.com?

As with any other business, our business name is just that—a name — and does not necessarily reflect what you might be getting regarding products and services. Think of Starbucks. Their name does not describe coffee, yet that’s what they sell. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but they do not sell stars or bucks, unfortunately. Our company name may be a little more literal in the description, but we do not pull the wool over anyone’s eyes! All our prices are clearly stated on the website and we are more than happy to explain everything in greater detail!

Is it really $10 a room?

YES. The only rooms that are not $10 are kitchens and full bathrooms.

Think about it—isn’t it reasonable to pay only $20 for the most used rooms in your house? We thought so too! And since we do not price by square foot or time, like traditional cleaning companies, you get more bang for your buck!

These 2 rooms require so much more time, cleaning, and supplies that we have decided to price them at $20 for a regular clean. These areas are very high traffic. Bathrooms especially need to be a little higher in price because we expose our employees to possible bloodborne pathogens and infections when they clean a bathroom. The owners took that into consideration as the safety of our employees is our number one priority.

Putting the shoe on the other foot

Because we are a small business and not an independent contractor or a private single person cleaner, we have other expenses that the price must also reflect and include. As a business, we are bonded and insured for safety. Our commercial vehicles are also insured. The cost of driving to each customer’s house- including fuel and tolls- are included in the price.

As a customer, you can now understand why we price the way we do. We do not falsely advertise- we provide amazing cleaning services for an extremely affordable price! We are very detailed in the way we clean, including items such as changing linens, making beds, wet dusting as opposed to dry dusting and so much more! Most other companies charge extra for these items. As mentioned in our last blog, we are professional cleaners, not a maid service or housekeepers. What we do in terms of cleaning is a bit different than you might expect as a homeowner. Yet, we still do provide an amazing service ensuring that your residence is always “Spotless for a Lot Less”!

As always, we are here for you and we want to hear your thoughts! We are always open to communication. Whether its online, a phone call or in person, and you can always find out additional information on our website!

Until Next Time!

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