October 2017 -

Support Small Business with 10BUCKSAROOM.com

When you support small business, there is so much more going on behind the scenes than you realize. As a consumer, you have a voice when you choose to spend your money at specific retailers. Your money is your vote, so choose wisely! When you support small business, you are doing so much more for your community. These small businesses create jobs and revenue that keeps money in the community. So, give to those small businesses that give back to your community!

The Small Business Difference

Service with a Smile!

Small businesses are very different than big box retailers. Many times, small businesses operate with a very lean business model; they don’t have a huge team to handle each aspect of the business. Often, small business owners and staff wear many hats to get the job done right! Small business owners take the time to show their customers the right products and services to fit their lifestyle and budget.

Sure, big-box retailers may have a larger footprint in your local community. But that doesn’t mean they have more variety to offer you. When you walk into a chain store, you know exactly what you will find. However, when you walk into a local business, the inventory options can often surprise you. This is to a customer’s advantage. This is among the many reasons you should frequent your local stores. And remember – just because a big box store is just that… bigger… it doesn’t mean they have more to offer. The assortment of inventory at the big box store is just deeper, not more diverse.

Here at 10BUCKSAROOM.com, we value being a small business! We do our very best to ensure our customers get the best service every time. 10BUCKSAROOM.com offers a variety of services to fit each client’s budget. We understand that our customers need to make sure that every dollar they spend counts. Our prices were made with the customers in mind- easy and affordable cleaning every time!

Our Community

East Brunswick, New Jersey is the town where our Home Office is located. East Brunswick’s 22.5 square miles is home to a diverse population of 47,512 per the 2010 census. A strategic location and a progressive outlook have fostered a dynamic growth of attractive and desirable residential developments, an excellent school system, shopping centers, state-of-the-art office complexes, and medical services.

Beyond actual dollars being kept within your local community – which is significantly higher when dollars are spent at a local business vs. corporate one – small business owners are also more likely to “do good” for your community. Small businesses deliver community character and economic advantages to the town they are positioned in.  Also, small businesses strengthen partnerships among neighbors, residents, other small business owners, community leaders and even schools by offering social and economic relationships. Many also support local causes creating more good within a community. 10BUCKSAROOM.com is proud to support it’s the local community here in New Jersey.

We are always open to hearing your thoughts.

How would you like to see 10BUCKSAROOM.com give back to the local community? Please reach out to us at info@10bucksaroom.com for any suggestions!


Until Next Time!

A Simple Guide to Scheduling an Appointment with 10BUCKSAROOM.com

Wondering how to make an appointment with 10BUCKSAROOM.com? There’s nothing to it! Here is a simple guideline to help you get started!

Remember, we LOVE to keep things SIMPLE!


Scheduling an appointment with 10BUCKSAROOM.com is very simple! Here at 10BUCKSAROOM.com, we believe that life is complicated enough, why should your cleaning service be complicated too? To book an appointment with us, it’s as easy as calling our central phone number at 855-ROOM-410 (855-766-6410). Our fancy phone technology will prompt you to enter your 5-digit zip code. Once you enter your zip, your call will be automatically transferred to your local 10BUCKSAROOM.com office.

Or for the more timid customer base, you can always fill out a Contact Form online on our website. Simply fill out the form and hit submit! It will automatically be sent to your local 10BUCKSAROOM.com office. They will reach out to you to confirm all of your information! Easy peasy!


Customer Service!
Diligently answering calls!

You get to speak to your local 10BUCKSAROOM.com location directly. No call centers, no personnel who don’t know your name. No middleman necessary! We give our customers a voice! If that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you better check your pulse! 10BUCKSAROOM.com prides itself on going back to tried and true methods, a lovely grassroots approach to this thing called life. We believe in human contact, talking to real people, not a robot! So, talk all you want! We are listening!

Your friendly local 10BUCKSAROOM.com representative will take down all pertinent information. We’ll ask you basic questions like which rooms you’d like to have cleaned and what day you’re looking to set up the appointment. It’s fast and easy!

10BUCKSAROOM.com does implement a room minimum. What does that mean exactly? Well, in order for us to service your residence, we only require that you have 4 rooms for us to clean! Pretty easy, right? Who doesn’t have 4 rooms?

Well, what is a room, exactly?

Since our prices are so competitive and because we don’t price by time or square foot, we have outlined exactly what constitutes a room. Many residences, be it a house or apartment, have open floor plans when it comes to the Living and Dining Room areas. We base rooms off of the furniture present in the area even if there is no physical wall to separate it. We also consider hallways and stairs their own separate “rooms” because they are very high traffic places. Don’t worry! We still clean every room from top to bottom with our meticulous methods. Check out our services page to get an even more detailed list!

Communication is key!
Chat it up!

If you ever have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ASK! We encourage open communication between our amazing customers and our team! You can even speak to our professional cleaners directly during the appointment time to ensure that you are getting the best customer experience! How awesome is that?

I’ve made my appointment! Now what?

Once you have confirmed your appointment time with your local office, you are all set! Sit back and relax! You will get notified via text and email through our scheduling software to remind you of your upcoming appointment. We do all the heavy lifting for you!

Don’t you wish everything else in your life could be that easy?


Until next time!