Meet the Founder of! -

Meet the Founder of!

As a society, we are always developing and making progress. The service industry is no different! Have you ever wonder who founded this innovative company? It took someone with years of experience to realize that this industry needs a huge makeover! That person is Ms. Maany Silva, the founder, and CEO of Ms. Silva is a Brazilian immigrant who came to this country with a dream in her heart, as many have before her. She is living proof that the American Dream is still alive and well!


Maany Silva, Owner/Operator of


Her journey began many years ago, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. She grew up in a tight-knit family where her mother was the parental figure of guidance. Maany looked up to her mother and admired her fortitude and strength. Maany’s mother was a cleaner who took immense pride in her work. She learned a great deal about the profession as she and her mother bonded over this common interest.

Service with a Smile!

Love what you do.

Maany moved to the United States in her late teens, where she landed her first job as a house cleaner. She channeled all that she learned from her mother and dove right in. She soon discovered that she had a passion for cleaning, for making her clients smile and seeing how rewarding it was to help those who needed it. By providing her service, Maany could see how families had more time to spend with each other instead of worrying about domestic responsibilities.

“Cleaning has been a passion of mine, and I knew there was a lot of room for improvement. I wanted to provide a solution for everyone, as I believe our services should not be limited,” said Maany Silva. She knew that she could streamline her cleaning where it benefitted the customer and her team. “I really didn’t like how other companies wasted a customer’s time with a complex process- contracts, hourly rates, and estimates. I just wanted to simplify everything”.


The Difference is revolutionizing the professional cleaning service industry. “From day one, we have set out to change the cleaning industry. Our focus has never changed,” said Ms. Silva. “Now, we have the opportunity to share our proven business model with people everywhere. This is the moment that we have been working so hard for.”

Additionally, Ms. Silva could get rid of unnecessary aspects of professional cleaning that most “maid companies” use, such as costly contracts and time-consuming price estimates. She also wanted to provide her service to every person of every demographic and socioeconomic status. She built her proof of concept over the past 6 years and the business has been successful ever since. Her simplified cleaning process has been the core of her business. She even took the next step to further spread her success to is NOW FRANCHISING!

Future Endeavors is currently looking to expand nationwide. If you are looking for an affordable business that can grow exponentially, is the choice for you! lacks requirements to advertise, have an office location, join cooperatives, attend conventions, and other customary standards. The focus is on generating income, without the franchisees breaking the bank to keep up with crazy fees. “We have a fresh perspective on the service industry,” says Ms. Silva.

Stop by the main office in East Brunswick or simply call to start the ball rolling on this life-changing opportunity! Join on their journey to simplify the professional cleaning industry and make each residence “Spotless for A Lot Less”!

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