Welcome to the 10BUCKSAROOM.com Cleaning Blog! -

Welcome to the 10BUCKSAROOM.com Cleaning Blog!

Welcome to the family!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog! Welcome, all! This is going to be one heck of a ride!

So, what exactly is 10BUCKSAROOM.com? A motel service? A new spin on an Air B&B concept? Despite what some people may think, no, 10BUCKSAROOM.com is not a room renting service! We are a Professional Cleaning Company that originated in New Jersey, the Garden State.


Big deal, right?

We are so excited to share what our company does and what the future holds for us. So, sit tight as we go through this background tale with you!

While there is a multitude of companies and places that offer cleaning services, there are none quite like us. Sure, there are your mom and pop type of cleaning joints, but do they offer you peace of mind when you book with them? Are they insured and bonded? How can you trust them?

Most often than not, these types of places are not insured or bonded. What happens if something gets broken during a cleaning service? Who will have your back then? 10BUCKSAROOM.com eliminates all those questions by being insured and bonded for the customer’s peace of mind. 10BUCKSAROOM.com has also set out to change the narrative on how people view cleaning services. Why is that important, you ask? Read on!

Notice how we never use the word “maid”, right? Well, that’s because we don’t believe in that word! We feel as though it’s derogatory, that it creates a hierarchy where women and minorities are inferior in the work place. So, let’s separate ourselves from the term “maid”, just as we did the terms “slave” and “indentured servant”.


Sounds like a plan!

10BUCKSAROOM.com eliminates the need for contracts and estimates. Why? Because we like to keep things SIMPLE. Simplifying the cleaning process makes for a smooth customer experience and is also easy on the business side of things. Just like that, we reinvented the wheel! Well, sort of. We are reinventing the cleaning business. So why no contracts or estimates? No one likes to be bound by a contract where literally, your options and choices are taken from you. Okay, we get that. But what about estimates? Did you know that to get service from one of these other “maid” companies, you must take time out of your busy schedule just to get a quote? How is that efficient?

Well, you guessed it, it isn’t! So good bye contracts and estimates! We streamlined the entire process to make it easy for the customer. Don’t believe us? Call today to book an appointment to see how simple it is! We welcome anyone to try out our services!


Until next time!

Cleaning with Care
Ana takes care when cleaning!


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