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Meet the Staff of in East Brunswick!

Ever wonder who handles the day to day operations at Now you can meet the staff of the East Brunswick Professional Cleaning Company! We take pride in our work and are always looking for ways to improve for the best customer experience ever. Leave us a comment! We’d love to hear from you!

Meet Office Manager Ms. Aziza Hana!

Ms. Hana has been with for the past 2 years. She is a Rutgers University Alum with great customer service experience. As an employee of a small business, she is used to wearing many hats on a daily basis. Not only does she answer incoming phone calls, she is also responsible for scheduling and booking appointments Monday through Friday. Aziza also writes for our blog (hey now!), keeps the website up to date, and helps out with public relations for the company. She also has added new responsibilities to her repertoire which now include franchise development!

When Aziza is not busy with work, she enjoys spending time with her significant other, her American pit bull terrier, Jackson, playing soccer and going on many outdoor adventures! Let’s hear it for Ms. Hana!


Meet Graphic Designer, Mr. Joshua Hana!

As many of you already know, we really are family here at! Meet Joshua Hana, our fantastic and amazingly talented graphic designer and big brother to Aziza! Josh, with some creative input from the team, created both of our lovely websites from scratch! He also creates our social media content, keeping us entertained while he does so. He works part-time at the office here in East Brunswick as he has decided to finish up his degree at Rutgers Newark! We can’t wait until he is on board full time!

When Josh isn’t busy with school or work, he enjoys spending time with his friends, family and being an awesome uncle. He is a huge Marvel and DC Comics fan. He spends a lot of time working with Photoshop and playing World of Warcraft. Josh also loves to draw, paint, hit the gym and box, and let his creative juices flow!

Meet our Professional Cleaning Staff! Cleaners

The backbone of our business is our professional cleaners. These women are extremely hard working and love to ensure that your home is “Spotless for a Lot Less”! All of our Professional Cleaners have been with us since the start of the company, over 5 years ago! These women really know their stuff and continuously work to improve on our methods! Our staff is no stranger to professional cleaning and it really shows through their impeccable work and friendly demeanor! When they aren’t busy making a difference in our client’s lives, our cleaners love spending time with their friends, families, and children. Let’s give it up to these amazing, hard-working women!

We are so happy to introduce our staff to you! You will get the pleasure of meeting our friendly, professional staff personally when you book an appointment with us!





Until next time!

Meet the Founder of!

As a society, we are always developing and making progress. The service industry is no different! Have you ever wonder who founded this innovative company? It took someone with years of experience to realize that this industry needs a huge makeover! That person is Ms. Maany Silva, the founder, and CEO of Ms. Silva is a Brazilian immigrant who came to this country with a dream in her heart, as many have before her. She is living proof that the American Dream is still alive and well!


Maany Silva, Owner/Operator of


Her journey began many years ago, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. She grew up in a tight-knit family where her mother was the parental figure of guidance. Maany looked up to her mother and admired her fortitude and strength. Maany’s mother was a cleaner who took immense pride in her work. She learned a great deal about the profession as she and her mother bonded over this common interest.

Service with a Smile!

Love what you do.

Maany moved to the United States in her late teens, where she landed her first job as a house cleaner. She channeled all that she learned from her mother and dove right in. She soon discovered that she had a passion for cleaning, for making her clients smile and seeing how rewarding it was to help those who needed it. By providing her service, Maany could see how families had more time to spend with each other instead of worrying about domestic responsibilities.

“Cleaning has been a passion of mine, and I knew there was a lot of room for improvement. I wanted to provide a solution for everyone, as I believe our services should not be limited,” said Maany Silva. She knew that she could streamline her cleaning where it benefitted the customer and her team. “I really didn’t like how other companies wasted a customer’s time with a complex process- contracts, hourly rates, and estimates. I just wanted to simplify everything”.


The Difference is revolutionizing the professional cleaning service industry. “From day one, we have set out to change the cleaning industry. Our focus has never changed,” said Ms. Silva. “Now, we have the opportunity to share our proven business model with people everywhere. This is the moment that we have been working so hard for.”

Additionally, Ms. Silva could get rid of unnecessary aspects of professional cleaning that most “maid companies” use, such as costly contracts and time-consuming price estimates. She also wanted to provide her service to every person of every demographic and socioeconomic status. She built her proof of concept over the past 6 years and the business has been successful ever since. Her simplified cleaning process has been the core of her business. She even took the next step to further spread her success to is NOW FRANCHISING!

Future Endeavors is currently looking to expand nationwide. If you are looking for an affordable business that can grow exponentially, is the choice for you! lacks requirements to advertise, have an office location, join cooperatives, attend conventions, and other customary standards. The focus is on generating income, without the franchisees breaking the bank to keep up with crazy fees. “We have a fresh perspective on the service industry,” says Ms. Silva.

Stop by the main office in East Brunswick or simply call to start the ball rolling on this life-changing opportunity! Join on their journey to simplify the professional cleaning industry and make each residence “Spotless for A Lot Less”!

What sets apart from other companies?

So, here we are once again. Let’s answer the question at hand, shall we? What really sets us apart from other cleaning or “maid” companies and makes us different? First things first! Let’s get this one squared away. We do not consider ourselves “maids”. In fact, we absolutely HATE the term! Yes, I will use strong language to really reflect how much we abhor that term!

Now, why do we dislike that term, you ask? Why does that even matter?

Dropping Knowledge

Before you can begin any debate, you must first have KNOWLEDGE about the subject. Okay, so what exactly does the term “maid” mean anyway? According to Merriam-Webster, the definition is as follows:

Tradiitional Maid
Traditional Maid


noun \ˈmād\
Definition of maid
1. an unmarried girl or woman especially when young : virgin
2 a : maidservant
b : a woman or girl employed to do domestic work



A World Apart

So maybe you see where I’m headed with this? According to this definition, from a reputable source, a “maid” assumes that the person is female. This term is inherently wrong and sexist; not all “maids” are female nor should there be a mindset that only females can be “maids”. We are all about breaking boundaries here! So, now that you know what the term means, let’s continue.

So, we scrapped the term “maid”. Again, so what? Here at, we are all about changing the narrative and flipping the script on an age-old industry. We believe in equal rights, in basic human rights, and that people who choose to clean as a profession should and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. We are not “MAIDS”, we are Professional Cleaners who take the utmost pride in our work!

How else do we differ?

Well, we love to make things simple! simplified the cleaning process. We took this industry and CHANGED the standards. We implemented easy pricing. No guesswork involved here. What a time saver! Also, we eliminated the need for estimates. So, this has several purposes that benefits everyone, the customers even more so. Estimates are a time-consuming process for all parties involved.

You, the customer, must take time out of your busy day to just find out what it would cost to clean your house. How ridiculous is that!? So not only are you losing pay to stay home for your estimate, you are also wasting your TIME. Time is the single most important commodity there is. You can’t get it back, so we like to make the most of it! That’s why when customers book with us, there is no need for time consuming estimates. We’re the experts after all! Talk to us and you’ll see why!

Anything else?

YES! Our pricing is nothing like you’ve ever seen! We price by the ROOM, not by square foot of the property or by the time it takes to clean. The affordability of our services really makes a huge difference! Now, ANYONE can use a professional cleaning company. Here at, we feel that our services should never be limited. If you have a residence, you deserve to have a professional cleaning team! offers complete flexibility when it comes to hiring our services. Only need us once? That works! Need us twice a month! Sure, no problem! Need us every 3rd Thursday of the month? You got it! We work with your schedule, so that the process is efficient from start to finish!

OMG Tell me more!

Get Excited!
Get Excited!

Now you’re getting it! also got rid of contracts! This goes hand in hand with our flexible scheduling. No one likes to be bound by a contract anymore. So we got rid of that too! Feels good to drop that dead weight!

But, we aren’t done! Not only did we simplify that process, but we also bring all of our own cleaning supplies! So, you little worry wort, check that off your list of questions. We have different types of cleaning agents that are specific to any type of material in your home. From wood to porcelain, to granite and stainless steel, we have it all covered! Bet you didn’t even know there were that many materials in your home!

Remember: Experts get the job done right!!

Job Well Done!

So, whether you just need us for a one time clean, or want to set something up on the regular, has everything you need to fit your lifestyle and budget!

Until next time!

Welcome to the Cleaning Blog!

Welcome to the family!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog! Welcome, all! This is going to be one heck of a ride!

So, what exactly is A motel service? A new spin on an Air B&B concept? Despite what some people may think, no, is not a room renting service! We are a Professional Cleaning Company that originated in New Jersey, the Garden State.


Big deal, right?

We are so excited to share what our company does and what the future holds for us. So, sit tight as we go through this background tale with you!

While there is a multitude of companies and places that offer cleaning services, there are none quite like us. Sure, there are your mom and pop type of cleaning joints, but do they offer you peace of mind when you book with them? Are they insured and bonded? How can you trust them?

Most often than not, these types of places are not insured or bonded. What happens if something gets broken during a cleaning service? Who will have your back then? eliminates all those questions by being insured and bonded for the customer’s peace of mind. has also set out to change the narrative on how people view cleaning services. Why is that important, you ask? Read on!

Notice how we never use the word “maid”, right? Well, that’s because we don’t believe in that word! We feel as though it’s derogatory, that it creates a hierarchy where women and minorities are inferior in the work place. So, let’s separate ourselves from the term “maid”, just as we did the terms “slave” and “indentured servant”.


Sounds like a plan! eliminates the need for contracts and estimates. Why? Because we like to keep things SIMPLE. Simplifying the cleaning process makes for a smooth customer experience and is also easy on the business side of things. Just like that, we reinvented the wheel! Well, sort of. We are reinventing the cleaning business. So why no contracts or estimates? No one likes to be bound by a contract where literally, your options and choices are taken from you. Okay, we get that. But what about estimates? Did you know that to get service from one of these other “maid” companies, you must take time out of your busy schedule just to get a quote? How is that efficient?

Well, you guessed it, it isn’t! So good bye contracts and estimates! We streamlined the entire process to make it easy for the customer. Don’t believe us? Call today to book an appointment to see how simple it is! We welcome anyone to try out our services!


Until next time!

Cleaning with Care
Ana takes care when cleaning!